10 Characteristics of a Pioneer – Part 2

Abraham – The Original Pioneer

Are you missing your destiny by choosing to remain comfortable? Do you dream about possibilities or simply live within your current circumstances? In the second instalment of our pioneering series, Pastor Gene and I take a look at the life of Abraham and how God led him to become the “Father of Faith.”

6 Steps to Maintaining Progressive Leadership

Leaders come and go. Their seasons change, their circle of influence changes and their challenges change. Some rise to the top and others slowly drift away. What is the difference in the mindset of a leader that never stops stretching and is resilient compared to a leader that gets buried in crisis, personal struggles or loss of motivation and passion? Why are some leaders stirred to move forward and some shaken by the number of challenges and problems facing them? How do you become a leader that rises to the challenge regardless of the season you are in?

7 Toxic Leadership Personalities

We all want to be strong leaders, but we often have tendencies that can prevent us from reaching our full potential. Some tend to care too much what people think, others have dangerous emotional problems, and many lack organizational skills. Today we are discussing seven dangerous personalities leaders are at risk of adopting and how you can prevent yourself from becoming like any of them. 

The 6 Major Areas of Church Recovery

Sometimes a church, through moral failure, neglect of appropriate leadership or the absence of vision, finds themselves in a “ground zero” condition.  The damage done is so destructive that recovery seems insurmountable. Even when new leadership comes in with recovery as the immediate vision, it is not automatic nor guaranteed. Everything is on the line and it is a complicated endeavour.