My Victory Starts Here

Jesus gave all of us a clear mission in Matthew 28:19. “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”

The church often refers to this as the Great Commission. In other words it’s our great co-operative mission as the global church of Jesus Christ. All Christians can agree on that. Where we tend to disagree, is on how to define what a “disciple” is. In some form or another, we all settle on the definition that a disciple is simply a “fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ.” However, how do we know when one is fully devoted? If we can’t clearly define what a disciple is, how can we fulfill our mission to go and make them?

I am writing to you, dear children, because your sins have been forgiven on account of his name.
I am writing to you, fathers, because you know him who is from the beginning.
I am writing to you, young men, because you have overcome the evil one.
1 John 2:12 (NIV)

John clearly defines the process of a disciple when he refers to little children, young men and fathers. Just as we are born and mature through a process, we grow in our spiritual walk.

But how do you determine where you are in the process? What is your next step? How do you know when you’ve become a ‘fully devoted follower of Christ”?

Take a 40 day journey that will change your life

My Victory Starts Here defines what a disciple is and is written to lead the church, new believers and veterans, through a scriptural foundation of what it means to be fully devoted to Christ. It is written as a 40 day devotional and will lead it’s reader through understanding the purpose of the common disciplines of the faith as well as give valuable insight into the often overlooked or forgotten disciplines. This book is designed to lead a new believer to an understanding of what it takes to be a full disciple. It is also a valuable tool to turn your church into confident disciple makers.

The thing I see missing in the church today is true discipleship. Turning converts into passionate, purposeful, knowledgeable followers of our Lord Jesus Christ. The great commission. But help is on it’s way! We recommend this to all believers and churches. It is a good refresher to mature believers as well as an introduction of Jesus to the seeker. I found this book to be a great discipleship tool to help a new Christian to establish a solid foundation in their faith. Many new Christians asked this question,”Where do I go from here?” This book answers this question, and more.Drs. George and Hazel Hill
Presidents and Apostolic Founders of Victory Churches International

Journey Alone

Get the My Victory Starts Here book that will take you through 40 different daily devotionals that will teach you how to read and understand the Bible as well as grow you personally and spiritually.

It will produce unparalleled results in your spiritual and psychological growth. See how your perspective and experience of life shifts in just 40 days.

Take your devotional to the next level by partnering it with a conversation guide. While the guide is meant to facilitate group discussion, it includes deeper questions for reflection and online videos to take you further in your journey.
Jesus said the Harvest field is ‘white and ready to harvest.’ The issue wasn’t the readiness of the harvest, but that harvesters were not ready or available. We have been given the mandate to not make converts to Christ, but disciples of all nations. You cannot disciple other believers faithfully until you have received the laying of firm foundations in your own spiritual walk with Jesus. Kelly Stickel in his book ‘My Victory Starts Here,’ lays down clear, precise, easy to apply step by step principles from the Bible that will adequately align your foundational spiritual understanding in order for you to reproduce faithful followers of Christ. I urge you to invest, purchase and read his work.Wynne Goss

Journey as a Group

Get a leader kit and a copy of My Victory Starts Here book and Conversation guides for each member of your group. Following the leaders guide, each member will read through specific devotionals during the week. Then gather once a week to watch a video, engage in discussion and change your lives together.
Kit includes
  • 10 My Victory Starts Here Devotionals
  • 10 Conversation Guides. A practical step by step guide to walk you though your journey with thought provoking questions for reflection.
  • 6 weeks of Video. Every weekly lesson includes an 18 minute video to support the study.
  • Bonus: Podcast recordings of the connect group teachings
Kelly is a great leader with an amazing ability to take the powerful things of God and present them to this generation with clarity and purpose. He lives them out in a way that attracts people to Christ without compromise, and teaches them to live their lives in a truly Spirit Contemporary way!Leon Fontaine
Senior Pastor of Springs Church, CEO of the Miracle Channel and author of 'The Spirit Contemporary Life'


Journey as a Church

Churches all around the world are battling sporadic attendance and disengaged congregations who demand the church cater to their needs. Pressure is enormous for Pastors to be ‘on’ all the time, sometimes at the expense of their family and their own health. But Jesus gave us pastors a mandate to ‘equip the saints for the work of the ministry’, not do all of the ministry ourselves.

The entire course is focused on turning every believer into a fully devoted follower of Christ. To me, fully devoted means becoming an active participant in the global mission of the church to “go into all the world and make disciples” and “to do the work of the ministry.” My Victory Starts Here teaches the vital, private disciplines of the faith as well as activates its readers to become active participants of their local church.

Imagine, what could your church do if every single person in your congregation became an active minister? Imagine, what would happen in your community if each member of your church became a confident disciple-er of others? How quickly could the church grow? What would that change for you?

My Victory Starts Here has revolutionized our church and is largely responsible for our church leading more than 2000 people to Christ in the last five years. I invite you to take a sneak peak at My Victory Starts Here, and what it could mean for you and your church.

Kit includes
  • 25 My Victory Starts Here Devotionals 25 Conversation Guides. A practical step by step guide to walk you though your journey with thought provoking questions for reflection.
  • 6 weeks of Video. Every weekly lesson includes an 18 minute video to support the study.
  • Message Notes: Editable copies of all Pastor Kelly’s notes both condensed and extended versions for you to build your Sunday messages from.
  • Pre-Build ProPresenter Notes: including key points and scripture references


Kelly Stickel is a true catalyst for getting people to see what they are made for, and what they are made of. The insights in this book will allow you to tap into God’s wisdom, well-being, and wonder for your life. If you feel or sense that there is more to you than what you are currently living, this is the book for you. My Victory Starts Here will awaken and reawaken you to the seeds of greatness God has placed within you, and inspire you to take new radical action in your life that will unleash God’s miracles in and through you.Rex Crain
Motivational speaker, life coach and author of 'Life Lift'