3 Challenges that Threaten Your Deadline

Project Management – Part 4

Deadlines are absolutely crucial to any project. Without them, we have no accountability for achieving our goals. Though important, these deadlines can often seem out of reach. How do we as leaders make sure we accomplish what we need to before the cut-off?

6 Steps to Delivering Constructive Criticism

I have always disliked confrontation and every time I am nervous and have to force myself to do it. I thought that after a while I’d get used to it, but I still battle those feelings, even after 20 years of being a senior pastor. To be honest, I think that fear is healthy and I think anyone who likes criticism is unhealthy. We should hate it. But with that being said, I have learned to hate the results of not confronting situations or people when it needs to happen more than actually having to do it. It’s unhealthy to like confrontation, but it is even more unhealthy to avoid it altogether because you fear it so much.