Working with Difficult People


Today, I am sharing our most popular podcast of 2017, Working with Difficult People. This podcast was listened to the most last year, and for good reason. We all encounter people who are hard to get along with, whether it be at work, church or home. These people slow us down, frustrate our teams and ultimately cause damage to the morale of everyone around them. How can we effectively work with difficult people? Take a listen to find out.

I would also like to let all of our listeners know that the podcast will now be posted monthly as opposed to weekly. They will be released on the first Tuesday of every month, however, January’s podcast will be out next Tuesday. Both Pastor Gene and I look forward to what 2018 holds and hope that you continue to join us!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

As Christmas approaches, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all those that listen to the podcast every week. Pastor Gene and I appreciate all of your support and enjoy getting to invest in your lives, churches, and organizations.

To those that have written in, thank you for your interest in learning and growing. We value each and every question we receive and love getting to answer them. Keep them coming!

I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas, filled with good company, warm memories, and plenty of joy. I pray that your New Year will be abundantly above all that you can ask or imagine!


Pastor Kelly Stickel