The 6 Major Areas of Church Recovery

Sometimes a church, through moral failure, neglect of appropriate leadership or the absence of vision, finds themselves in a “ground zero” condition.  The damage done is so destructive that recovery seems insurmountable. Even when new leadership comes in with recovery as the immediate vision, it is not automatic nor guaranteed. Everything is on the line and it is a complicated endeavour. 

Six Anchors: 40 Days of Hope (Part 2)

We have been hearing amazing feedback since the release of the Six Anchors devotional. It has been encouraging for those currently facing trials and a great reminder for others on where to locate their hope. This is exactly why I wrote this book and I am excited to see results in people’s lives because of it. Today, Pastor Gene and I are discussing the last three anchors.

5 Strategies for Effective Collaboration

Have you ever spent time in seemingly unending meetings? Meetings where the collaboration among departments or team members felt limited to the opinion of the heavy hitters and usually prove little long-term value, but plenty of short-term frustration? When you end up frustrated because the “collaboration” is poorly facilitated, what can you do? These 5 Strategies for Effective Collaboration are a good place to start. 

7 Avoidable Causes of Leadership Emergencies

Right now emergencies override visionary priorities. Distractions demand our attention and pull us away from creative thinking. They bury us in the whirlwind of tasks and daily responsibilities

So as a leader, how do we deal with these “right now” emergencies while leading our team into the future? Watch out for these 7 Avoidable Causes of Leadership Emergencies.