The Secret to Exponential Growth

Pastors, what if I could give you a secret that would increase the income in your church by 416%? What if I could guarantee a way to increase your parishioners sharing their faith with others by 228%? What if the same secret would be a key to increasing the discipleship in your church by 231%? Would you be interested? Do I have your attention, yet?


These numbers are taken from a study conducted by the Center for Bible Engagement released in August 2012. It was a survey conducted on the Key to Spiritual Growth. You can find the survey at The secret? These astounding numbers were caused by simply increasing the number of times individuals read the Bible in a week. The results showed a dramatic climb in spiritual growth and just as dramatic decreases in struggles and bad habits if an individual would engage in the Bible 4 times a week or more!

This begs a question be asked. If simply increasing the number of times a week an individual reads the Bible can have such a dramatic effect on their lives and on the life of a church, how do we encourage our parishioners to engage more in the Word?

I am excited to invite you to the Victory World Conference in Lethbridge, AB Canada July 13-17, 2015. This conference has notable international speakers such as Dr. George Hill, Dr. Hazel Hill, Dr. Jeyaseelan, Dr. Al Purvis and Pastor Will Graham.

Date: July 13, 2015—July 17, 2015
Event: Victory World Conference
Sponsor: Victory Churches International
Venue: Victory Church Lethbridge
Location: Lethbridge, AB
Public: Public
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How to Invite Your Friends to Church

“Ninety-six percent of the unchurched are at least somewhat likely to attend church if they are invited.” Dr. Thomas Rainer made this claim in his article Ten Surprises About the Unchurched – Understanding their Hearts and Minds posted 7/11/2007.

The next obvious question is: Are Christians inviting non-Christians to church? The heartbreaking answer is “no.” Rainer claims that only 21 percent of active churchgoers invite anyone to church in the course of a year. But only 2 percent of the church members invited an unchurched person to church. That’s sad! Why do you think this is? A simple invite can go a long way.

10 Ways to Attract and Keep Volunteers

Church growth expert and mentor to over 4000 pastors, the late Jack Whitesell, once told me that for every one active volunteer, the church has the ability to effectively minister to 6-8 people! In other words, the church cannot function or grow without volunteers. But volunteers are often difficult to lead and even more difficult to recruit. This is one of the greatest frustrations and problems pastors face. So, here are 10 ways to attract and keep volunteers.

10 Ways to Attract and Keep Volunteers: